Al Sakhr Lifting Gears

AlSkaher Company is a key player in the lifting gear market, operating for over a decade. We import our products from overseas, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. We provide any equipment or machinery used for lifting or lowering loads or people at work, including accessories and attachments used for anchoring, fixing, or supporting the equipment.

We specialize in an extensive range of lifting gear, including raw materials, finished goods, and tailor-made solutions designed to fulfill specific requirements. Our products are renowned for their durability, reliability, and excellent performance.

Our Product includes wire chains, ropes, chain slings, webbing slings, cargo latching,  rope slings, rings, hooks, shackles, swivels, eyebolts, and cages or work platforms used for carrying individuals while suspended from the load line of a crane.

Al Sakhr Lifting Gear at a Glance
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We aim to deliver the best quality products to our customers

Yusef Saud Al Hazmi — CEO

Our Goals at Al Sakhr

Our Vision

We at at AL SAKHR Company is to become a leading provider of premium lifting gear, offering excellent quality and value to our customers. Our mission is to consistently satisfy the evolving needs of the market with innovative solutions and extraordinary customer service.

Our Mission

Lifting gear is designed to elevate large loads and hefty objects. From cranes to forklifts, lifting gear saves time and boosts worker safety by enhancing material handling procedures. Material handling involves the transportation of heavy items.

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