Our Catalogue Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

We specialize in an extensive range of lifting gear, including raw materials, finished goods, and tailor-made solutions designed to fulfill specific requirements. Our products are renowned for their durability, reliability, and excellent performance.

Wires and rigging gears are indispensable elements in heavy lifting and rigging applications across industries. Constructed from high-quality materials like steel or synthetic fibers, they offer durability and strength to handle diverse loads. Rigging gears such as pulleys, blocks, and turnbuckles facilitate smooth and controlled lifting operations.

Wire Ropes

Aircraft Cord 6x19
Aircraft Cord
6x19 Steel Wire Rope
6x37 Steel Wire Rope
6x19s or 6x19w line contacted wire rope
Galvanized Guy Rope for Eletric Cable

Steel Chain

Grade 100 Alloy Chain
Grade80 Alloy Chain
High Test Chain NACM1996/2003 (G43)
NACM1990 Machine Chain Twist Link
Transport Chain NACM1990 (G70)
Proof Coil Chain NACM1990 (G30)

Rigging Hardware

Screw Pin Anchor Shackles G-209
Round Pin Anchor Shackles G-213
Turnbuckles Jis Frame Type With Eye And Hook
Turbuckles U.S. Type,Drop Forged
Eye Hoist Hooks With Latches
Swivel Hooks
Swivel Hooks
Eye Sling Hooks With Latches

Lifting Sling

WS01 Swaged Soft Eye Slings
WS02 Spliced Soft Eye Slings
Single Eye Cable Socks
Side Pull Type Cable Socks

Hoist & Block

HULC Type Universal Lifting Clamp
HMBE Type Chain Blocks
HMBA Type Chain Blocks
H408 Light Type Champion Snatch Block Double with Hook
Oval Eye Snatch Block
Steel Pulley

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